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Beginners Mind

Posted at — Oct 6, 2022

Sometimes, not knowing something exists is a blessing.

How many times have you got discouraged once you know your “awesome idea” already being implemented by others, maybe also better in every other ways than yours as well.

When I was a junior software engineer, I always hope I could’ve known more. Hopping that I could’ve known there are already solutions to the problems in my head in all kinds of forms. So that I don’t need to re-invent the wheel.

After doing software development for a while (little more than 15 years), also being a customer of using all kinds of software. I realized one thing: No matter how simple and ubiquitous other software behaves and looks. Turns out, the thing you build will almost always slightly different than others.

My point is, people choose using different tools for lots of reasons, sometimes for certain functionalities, sometimes for certain UX, sometimes even just for the joyfulness the tool sparks.

Every single tool has a different taste in it. Because the human who made them are different.

Never stop creating. Don’t be afraid of re-inventing the wheel, especially in the software domain.

Best part is even if you somehow produced something exactly as someone else already built (which is very unlikely), the process of turning something from 0 to 1 will well worth it.