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The Future Computers

Posted at — Jun 5, 2023

Such a great read on Jason Fried’s Two visions of the future.

Though, I am not sure how I feel about either of them.

Sometimes I wish there were more easy to use UIs to get things done. Sometimes I wish all I needed to deal with was text, instead of learning all kinds of fancy UIs from your designers.

The best computers are the ones that disappear or blend into your life. This is even often mentioned in Apple’s own marketing.

I appreciate the silence of Apple computers, from the early Mac mini to today’s Apple silicon computers. From this sense, it’s fantastic to be able to work without thinking about computers.

On the other hand, this VR thing straps a whole bunch of UIs in front of my eyes.

I think VR would be great for meditation, for games, for emerging experiences. Which really is about as little UI as possible, but rather trying to create whole different environments.

But staring at large rectangular “windows” by strapping on a device? Maybe not. At least for me.

Oh, and for now, I would be leaning towards a more headless (UI-less) future.